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Not going to be home tonight, Damian. Everything's fine. We're on Victoria right now.

If anything comes up, please call James McGinty or the others. Or ask me to do it.

Take care of yourself. I'll be home soon.


To [A]

May. 29th, 2016 12:05 am
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I was informed my code breaking was barely acceptable. Either way, at least they seem to be still seriously talking about us wiretapping that meeting room and flying back out on a cargo ship. They've told you about this, right, Waverly?

I have ... a curious problem. Lorena Station computers are different beasts, you know, compared to most. There's the Sonatas which might be close to standardized DOS? And then the early GUI Chorales. Fugues were in production before things went bad. Such a mess. Either way - proprietary operating systems on them.

Someone on Lorena is posting some very unpleasant things. Audio recordings and videos. I could link you to one if needed. A friend said there may be privacy claims that could be made about posting the videos and logs, if you can prove you are the one in the video. However, would there be a way to trace said videos?

Well -

May. 23rd, 2016 05:43 pm
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To [23F8X]:

I feel like I should say that you're a man not a number, but that's a bit obscure, isn't it? I can't remember if The Prisoner was run on other stations. Also, not entirely sure what pronouns you like. I ended up with "Ace" in the system, which is a bit less awkward.

My name's Yvette, and she works just fine for me. I'm a political activist. They're claiming my activism is out of hand, and engaging in a bit of blackmail. They said I'm to send you some conclusions about some code breaking they asked me to try.

Well, I'm originally from Lorena. You know how different the computer standards are like.

So - what of these files should I send your way?
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To [personal profile] mervinmcginty:

Hopefully your flight went fine. Apparently I'm presently wanted for disturbing the peace, and the inspector's still leaning toward me being out of Lorena Station says I'm not disturbing it. Still, probably best to lie low. Might end up flying with you come spring with Damian. Depends on how he's feeling.

To [personal profile] citizendamian:

Your family's safely on dry land again. Your mother wrote some very long letters for you. Do you want to deal with them right now? I'll be back at the apartment tomorrow, I fear, since there's some things to deal with.

The Cafe Theatre is - artistic. I'm sitting in here going trough the mail / newsgroups. Do not check yours with the sound on. There's still some disturbing material being posted.

To Public:

Back on Paris IV. The Cafe Theatre has a lovely view at this time of year.


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